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Post by Antonym » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:52 am

Daedalus was formed from a core of friendships established through EQ, EQ2 and Warcraft over many years. The intent was a more relaxed guild with the commitment and skill to enjoy all aspects of an MMO and an appreciation that real life takes priority sometimes.

We have adventured, punned and drunk our way through Telon, Eberron, Middle Earth, Telara and more...

Just now you can find Daedalus in DDO (Khyber) and Rift (Blightweald, Guardian faction).

Progression is part of the fun and we enjoy working together to meet the challenges.

Twee as it may be, the journey is as important as the destination; if we aren't enjoying the route, stopping to gasp at the scenery, getting lost on the way (/cough Tentimes) and base-jumping off each moderately high cliff or bridge what's the point of arriving. So while we probably won't be racking up server firsts, we will always get there...smiling.

We run a TeamSpeak server, the details of which can be found in the Tavern section of the forums. TeamSpeak will be used for raiding, though those averse to talking may choose to listen only. TeamSpeak is encouraged for grouping also, but this is a matter of preference (as Gavlar and Doradan talk endlessly).

We like a friendly and drama-free environment. It's not a job; we don't have to hang out with each other. There are no barriers to entry except being a prick. Being respectful of each other and other players is important and real world intolerance of any kind isn't accepted.

Any form of cheating (botting, involvement with gold-selling etc) isn't accepted.

We try to be organised to pull all of this off, so there is a semblance of leadership. It's not a democracy so there are no elections. It's more of a benevolent dictatorship where we do what we think is best to move forward and try to take into account any suggestions to help with that and we're always happy for people to get more involved to the level they feel comfortable with.

Overall Daedalus' charter equates to two key guidelines:
- Don't be a prick.
- Get involved and enjoy the game.