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Vanguard EMU

Post by Tomsk » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:16 pm

Just wanted to say If people are bored and want to relive somefound memories, the Emu is doing well. Yeah it's buggy but the Isle of Dawn is 100% working and I've levelled up to 35th now !

Soloed Kegors end, Trengal keep and now working on Daguns Tomb and the Ruins of Vol Tuniel. Real content will probably get you to maybe 38th or somthing, but it is a blast playing a Dread Knight again :)

No idea how well the other classes play but most of the DK's abilities work.

They've also put Ardane (Brad Mcquaids character) With the Title 'Creator of Worlds' on a hill overlooking the land. I've yet to find him but will be paying my respects ingame.

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