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Mjoldir warrior application

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:27 pm
by Mjoldir
Hey my name is Eemeli, im a 24yr old from finland.
about my mmo experience:
my first mmo was ultima online that i played about 2 yers,next was Wow that iv been playing around 7 yers and now i got enough of it.

I started playing rift about 2-3 months ago so pretty new to game.and as in all mmos first u have to figure out what class and role to play and that took some time for me in rift to find the class to play with.

Started with rogue (as my main in wow was rogue the last 2 yers) currently lvl 30.
rolled a cleric plan in starting to heal in lvl 50 but i dont like the healing in rift too much and just generally the class wasnt for my playstyle( currently lvl 50).

then comes the warrior (only lvl 38 but shouldnt take long) wich i fell in love immediately.tanking in rift is soo fun and loving the warrior soul many tank specks to play with.
So currently im planning to be a tank at lvl 50. theres never too many tanks :D

iv been looking for guild for some time and this got my interest.
im not interested of HC raiding anymore,not for the last 2 yers...u know theres life outside also :)

have fun,raid couple times a week,do stuff together and the wicked humor :D this suits me!
If theres anything else u like to know feel free to ask.

Re: Mjoldir warrior application

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:46 pm
by Antonym
Hi Mjoldir,

Thanks for the app, but unfortunately we aren't recruiting in Rift at the moment as we are currently on hiatus as far as raiding goes.

I hope you find a guild that suits :)